Headstrong parts 1 and 2.
Headstrong parts 1 and 2

This site-specific project was located on the fifth floor of the building in which it was presented. It was comprised of a tri-part arrangement of photographs totaling in length some twenty-two feet. These photographic images of water flowing over a river bed were adhered to muslin, which had then been mounted onto three frames.

The three frames fitted exactly into a low ceilinged area in the room so that the image of the river appeared to flow from one corner across the ceiling. An aluminium strip or border also covered with the photographic image marked the edge of this area just above the viewer’s head. The structure was arranged in such a way that its disparate parts, placed in a gravity-defying arrangement right at the top of the building, could only be united in the mind of the viewer.

To be headstrong is ‘to be willful, perhaps habitually disposed to disobedience and to going one’s own way’.