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New Work landscape prints reviewed – Crafts Council magazine, ‘Contemporary Chinoiserie’

1st November, 2008

chinoisery article small

…The vision of China represented in this exhibition is, as its title suggests, still a romantic and fanciful one, though more actively engaged and critical than its antecedents. Moments of darker realities do pierce through uncomfortably, with Helen Couchman’s paper works commenting on the changes in Beijing’s built environment and Gayle Chong Kwan’s detached observation of the deserted English-style satellite town outside Shanghai. …

Gigi Chang was assistant curator of China Design Now at the Victoria and Albert museum.

Crafts. Nov/Dec 2008


New Work at Galerie Perif

18th October, 2007

door with poster 1 for web
New Work
exhibition poster

fan in window 1 for web

landscape wall 2 for web
Landscape Nos. 1-9, Beijing (80 x 100cms)

dragon panels x3 5 for web
Panels Nos. 1-3, Beijing (85 x 150cms)