2014LinkedIn under fire for censoring Tiananmen Square posts - Tania Branigan
The Guardian. 4 June
In the Shadow of Tiananmen Linkedin succumbs to China's Censorship - Fergus Ryan
China Spectator. 4 June
2012Special Feature, Helen Couchman - Dr Trish Lyons
Art.Zip magazine, Issue 5. 2012
WORKERS 工人 on exhibit in Beijing
Accademia Apulia. News. 17 April
Capital Creations – Zhang Xi
China Daily European and China Daily. 16 March
Interview for Expat Tales – Julianne Page, CRI Beijing
Broadcast on China Radio International and ‘Heartbeat’, Strait to Taiwan radio.
2011An Artist’s Space – Jennifer Thomé
Agenda Magazine, August
Beijing Excavations: An interview with Helen Couchman – Travis Jeppesen
Whitehot Magazine, August
Interview with artist Helen Couchman
CityWeekend, 5 August
Mirror Images, Artist reflects on hutong development – Song Yuanyuan
Global Times, 11 June
2010Live radio/video broadcast for China State Radio, 774am. 1 December
Discussing Mrs. West’s Hats
Live interview for Talk Box China State Radio, 774am. 14 July
A British artist in Beijing, with presenters June Lee and Dominic Swire
Interview with Helen Couchman
Binhai Radio, Tianjin People’s Broadcasting Station 747am, June
Britons in China – Helen Couchman
The British Embassy in China website
Private fantasies, creative vulnerability – Christine Laskowski
China Daily, 29 March
Interview with Helen Couchman about her book WORKERS 工人 and life in Beijing – June Lee and Dominic Swire
Talk Box, China State Radio, 774am, 2 March
Sheltering from the Storm – Artistic Residencies and Environmental Change – Bronaċ Ferran, Royal College of Art, London
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Expatriate art thrives in China – Dan Levin
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For Expatriates in China, Creative Lives of Plenty – Dan Levin
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2009Mrs West’s Hats – Carole Denford
The Hat Magazine No.43. November
Hats off to new book – Yolanda Carslaw
Country Life Magazine, November
Mrs West’s Hats
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2008Contemporary Chinoiserie – Gigi Chang, assistant curator, China Design Now, V&A
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They built this city – audio slide show – Mary-Anne Toy
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Silent workers get their moment to shine before the games begin – Mary-Anne Toy
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WORKERS 工人 review – Mary-Anne Toy
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Helen Couchman’s WORKERS – Peter Walters
That’s Beijing feature, August
Interview and television short – Christy Simson
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Beijing 2008 Image of the day, Building a dream – Jennifer Eden
Television short,13 August
Photographer puts faces to construction on iconic Games sites – Ng Tze-Wei
South China Morning Post, 30 July
Coffee Table Q&A, WORKERS – Kit Gillet
Urbane Magazine, July
Q: Arts and Culture – Interview with Jian Ghomeshi
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Images of Chinese Migrant Workers in Foreign Artist’s Lens – Xiao Yu
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7 do Sajewicza – Tomasz Sajewicz
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Television short – Robert Goralczyk
Polish Television Information Agency, July
WORK UNIT – Ligaya Mishan
The Book Bench, The New Yorker, 19 June
WORKERS book launch – Jeremy Goldkorn
Danwei, 17 June
Explain your art – WORKERS
City Weekend Magazine, 6 June
The Affordable Art Fair Beijing
China Radio International, 8 May
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