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Uncharted Stories – Opening

28th October, 2009

Uncharted Stories POSTER Helen Couchman

Uncharted Stories
Private View –› 6 – 9 pm October 29

Daniel Baker
Pedro Carvalho de Almeida

Helen Couchman
Annabel Dover
Dettie Gould

Sara Angel Guerrero-Rippberger & Rossella Emanuele
Hannah Hurst

Ope Sarah Lori

Catherine Maffioletti
Aaron McPeake
Marcela Montoya-Turnill & Cayetano H. Rios

Idit Nathan
Jane Norris
Deepan Sivaraman
Tansy Spinks
Deborah True
Anna Vickers
Senem Yazan

28 October –› 5 November, 2009
11 am –› 6 pm

The Triangle Space
Chelsea College of Art & Design
16 John Islip Street
London, SW1P 4JU




Uncharted Stories panel discussion

27th October, 2009

Thursday 29 October, 3:30 – 4:30pm
Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Art & Design

Open discussion on identity research with Uncharted Stories exhibitors:
Aaron McPeake
Ope Sarah Lori
Sara Angel Guerrero- Rippberger
Helen Couchman
Researcher at Chelsea, Dr Carol Tulloch

Update: 10/11/09

Thanks to IN for the photos